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Welcome to Exfusion. If you're looking for the official links to our various services then you are in the right place.


We make use of Discord. It's a chat and voice client built specifically for gaming communities such as Exfusion and it provides tonnes of awesome functionality. There's text and voice channels (or rooms), and plenty of amazing gimmicks that are nowhere to be seen in aging software such as Skype and TeamSpeak.

Once you've joined our Discord server you'll need to verify your Discord profile against your server profile so that we can match up your in-game rank with your rank in Discord. It also helps us to combat spam. (Don't panic - simple instructions on how to do this are given in the #welcome channel on the Discord server when you follow our invite link!).

Before you can contribute to the discussions on Discord, your account on Discord must also have been created at least 5 minutes ago.

I know - it sounds like a lot of work but it's definitely not, I promise you! Get started by following our Discord invite link:


The Skype chat has been discontinued because of inactivity. Whilst community members are free to create their own Skype groups, there is no longer any official one. Any Skype group claiming to be an official Exfusion group is not anything to do with us.

Applying for Staff

We're not currently looking for staff to join our team but if you feel that you have something exceptional to offer and are sure that you'd be a great fit in our team, we'd still be interested to hear from you. We're keen to get the server launched as quickly as we can but we only want staff with the utmost motivation and skill to ensure that everything is of high quality for our players to enjoy.

If our staff say no, it's important that you don't take it personally. Especially in terms of development, our developers have their own unique coding styles and we don't like to confuse people with them or be confused by other people changing our code.

Our work is also very sensitive and whilst we're aware that people who apply for staff are likely not nasty, there's a chance that our several years of work could be stolen should we allow the wrong people to access our work. We have to be extremely careful with who we allow to work with our players and our files.

If you are still set on applying for staff despite applications being closed you should private message either UnixBasher or VoidInVoid.