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Jul 16, 2016
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Welcome to the guide on the most complex and unique block Exfusion has to provide on creative: the Action Block. This block allows you to do a lot of crazy things, and this guide explains what each action a block can do and how they work. There are forum "spoilers" that separate this post into categories which cover different aspects of the Action Block. Feel free to read through what you need of this post, and have fun on Exfusion!

Action blocks are similar to command blocks in terms of functionality, however, the features available are tailored specifically towards the plot-world environment offered by the creative server, and offers a GUI, allowing for easier usage than a command block.

To get an Action Block, log on to the Exfusion Creative server and perform the "/action" command. This will give you a Note Block named "Action Block". When you place an Action Block, a menu will open that looks like the screenshot below:

It'll probably look pretty confusing, but this guide was made to explain it. So I'll let the guide do the talking from here.

So you saw the menu and you're probably super confused. The glass panes in the menu represent the spots where "actions" can be. A single Action Block can hold up to 21 actions depending on your rank, and hovering over each spot shows which number action you are hovering over.

You create an action by clicking on the lime dye item, opening a menu that lists all of the actions that are available to use.

The clock item adds a delay to the next available open action slot, and there's not an explanation of delays here because it's covered later.

The note block item gives you different options for how an Action Block is executed, which again is explained in a different section.

Finally, the last icon in this row is a player skull that, when selected, will give you different options for who can trigger the Action Block.

This is by far the longest section in the guide, so these explanations will be brief. When you select the lime dye to create a new action, you get a menu that looks like this:

As of the launch of Exfusion, these are all the actions that are **not advanced** in an Action Block. (Advanced actions are covered later) Each action gets their own spoiler section, so hopefully your finger doesn't hurt after reading this entire guide.

This action, as most of the other ones, are pretty straight forward. This action changes the player's gamemode when executed. When you select this action, a new menu will appear and gives you 3 options of which gamemode to update the player t:open_mouth: Survival (diamond sword), Creative (diamond), or Adventure (filled map) in that order. the menu looks like this:
This action sends a message in chat to the player who executed the Action Block. When you select this action, it will close the menu and prompt you in the chat to type in a message of your choice. Note that this message will not be broadcast into the global chat.
This action, when selected, opens a menu prompting you to click an item in your inventory to give the player when executed. Note that this action will give the exact item selected which includes item name, damage, enchantments, number of stacked items, and any other tag put on the item. The menu looks like this:

There are a couple of items that are placed in special places in your inventory if the spot is available. This is that list
  • All armour types get placed in their respective armour slots (helmets go on head, leggings on legs, etc.)
  • Shields are placed in a player's offhand
If the places are not open, the item will just be given to you regularly.
These actions were put together under one spoiler category because they have no extra menu and do similar actions. They refill either a player's health or a player's hunger when selected.
When this action is selected, there is no extra menu and does what the name implies: it teleports the player to the plot's spawn. (It's the place a player teleports to when they do /h <your username>)
This action teleports a player to a location of your choosing. There are a few limitations to where you can teleport a player though. These limitations are listed below:
  1. The player must teleport on top of a beacon block
  2. There must be two (2) block of air/blocks with no full-block collision (string, pressure plates, rails, etc.) above the beacon block.
This action is pretty self explanatory: it can change the text of a hologram that you placed. When you select this action, it will open a menu similar to the one in the screenshot below, that lists all the holograms you have on your plot and their names. You just have to select the hologram you want to change the text of. When you do, the menu closes and you will be prompted in chat to type out the new text of the hologram (Note it can only be up to 48 characters, including color codes. If you go over 48 characters, the Action Block will cut the message short.)
When you select this action, a menu just like the one below will appear with 9 glass panes in a row in stacks of 1 to 9. Select the glass pane corresponding to the slot on a player's hotbar you would like to select. (A player's hotbar is the row at the bottom of the screen which holds up to nine items)
This action has no separate menu. When this action is executed, the Action Block will turn into a Redstone Block for 1 game tick (not redstone tick) and will change back to the Action Block it was before. Since the redstone signal only lasts for 1 game tick, this can lead to some interesting redstone mechanisms!
The following actions get their own dedicated section because they all are connected and can work together.

And here's just a bit more information on "tags" before I get into the actions involving them. Tags basically add a little add-on to the player that can, in a way, lead to some amazing things. Players with tags are set aside from other players without the tag without even showing it via armour or a physical item. There is an action that is covered in this section that can guarantee that only players with a certain tag can run an action.
**Note that names of tags are CaSe SeNsItIvE, so you could have two tags of the same name with different capitalizations although this isn't recommended.

When either one of these actions are selected, the menu will close and you will be prompted in chat to type the name of a "tag" that you would like to give or remove from a player. If you try to remove a tag from a player that doesn't exist, the Action Block will not do anything regarding that tag and will run the other actions.
**Note when removing tags, typing an asterisk in the chat (*) will remove all tags from a player.
When this action is selected, the menu will close and you will be prompted in chat to type in the name of a tag you would like the Action Block to check for. If the tag is found, then the actions that follow will continue. If the tag is not found, then all actions in the Action Block will stop and not be executed.
When this action is selected, you will be prompted in chat to type in the name of a tag you would like to announce a message to. When you type in the name of a tag, you will be prompted in chat again to type a message to announce to the tag you typed in previously. For example, if I wanted to announce "Hello!" to tag "announce", the first message I would type in, when prompted would be "announce" (minus the quotation marks). Then I would type in "Hello!" (minus the quotation marks again) to tell the Action Block to send the message to the tag "announce" that I typed in previously.
So you remember the grey dye that was mentioned earlier in the top right corner of the main Action Block menu that toggles "Advanced Options"? Yeah this is the section where those actions get covered.

Due to the risk of these actions, only staff members that are moderator, admin, or owner can enable these on Action Blocks. They can, however, enable them for you if you have a good reason to use the actions that are explained later. When Advanced Options are enabled, it will add five (5) more actions to the Action Block. The menu looks like the menu in the below spoiler:

The five actions that appear when "Advanced Options" is turned on were circled in the above screenshot. Did you see them? The actions are Clear Inventory, Remove Item, Tag Execute, and actions giving or removing "Immersion Mode". Read through the following spoilers to see what they do.
Clear Inventory (White Stained Glass Pane)
This action has no extra menus, and when the block is executed, the action (as the name says) clears the player's inventory.
This action functions exactly the same as the "Give Item" action, but this action removes the item(s) selected by the player. If the player does not have the required item(s) to trigger the action, the following actions in the Action Block will not be executed.
When this action is selected, the menu will close and you will be prompted to type in chat the name of a tag that you would like the following actions to be executed on.
These actions can enable or disable a mode called "Immersion Mode". When active, Immersion Mode disables players from using certain commands. Those commands are listed below:
  • /action (and other commands regarding Action Blocks)
  • /clear
  • /item
  • /craft
  • /renameitem
  • /em
  • /skull
  • /gamemode
  • /hat
  • /hg (and other hologram related commands)
  • /tpa
When you select the "Enable Immersion Mode" action, a menu that looks like the menu in the screenshot shown below. This menu allows you to choose the plot role that will be affected by Immersion Mode. When you select a role, that role and the roles below it in the plot role hierarchy will also be affected.

The grey stained glass represents Default, magenta represents Guest, cyan represents Trusted, orange represents Builder, the green glass next to Builder represents admin, and the green glass below Trusted represents Owner. Each colour of glass says what role would be affected if selected so you don't have to worry about remembering which colour corresponds to each role.
Yes, this is an action and I didn't find a good spot to put it so the delay action gets its own section. Let's move on...

When this action is selected, a new menu will show up like the screenshot in the spoiler below.

The clock in the middle shows the time the delay would have if you clicked the sunflower, which saves the delay and places it in the next available action slot. The sugar, which adds time, and the gunpowder, which removes time, edits the time on the delay. You left-click to add/remove 1 second to the time and shift-click to add/remove 0.25 seconds from the time. The minimum time you can have on a delay is 0.25s and the maximum time is 20 seconds. (The sugar or gunpowder will not be in the menu when you have hit the minimum/maximum time on the delay) When you edit the time on a delay, a click sound will play and will change depending on if you are above or below 10 seconds. When your delay is between 0.25 seconds and 9 seconds, the click will be high-pitched. When you have hit 10 seconds and go beyond that time, the click will be lower-pitched. When you have chosen your delay time, click the sunflower that is named "Save" to save your delay and will place the clock with the delay in the next available action slot, as stated before. You can either access this action from the main Action Block menu or from the menu with all the actions. These work exactly the same regardless of which way you choose to add a delay.

Now that the action section of this guide is finally done, these next two (2) sections of the guide will cover the last aspects of the Action Block: Execution Properties and User Flags.

Clicking on the Note Block named "Execution Properties" in the main Action Block menu will give you a set of options based on how the Action Block you placed will be triggered. By default, the action to activate an action block is to right click it. To open the menu when the execution property is set to right-click, you have to crouch and right click it. The other options are as follows:

  • Redstone Input
  • Standing on the Block
  • Shooting the Block with a bow and arrow

Action Blocks are unable to detect if a player triggered a redstone circuit or not, so some actions are unable to operate properly when an Action Block is activated by redstone. Here is a list of actions that do not work when an Action Block is activated by redstone:

  • Gamemode
  • Give/Remove Item
  • Chat Message
  • Teleport
  • Clear Inventory
  • Plot Spawn
  • Set Hotbar Slot
  • Give/Remove Tag
  • Check for Tag
  • Refill Health/Hunger
However you can get around this by giving the player a specific tag and using the "Tag Execute" advanced action.

User flags control who can activate an Action Block. There are six (6) user flags, but only one (1) can be activated at a time. Five (5) out of the six can be toggled "inversely", and I'll explain what that means later. Here are the User Flags:

  • Party (Firework)
  • Friends (Paper)
  • Completed Parkour (Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy/Iron))
  • Full Health (Redstone)
  • Gliding (Elytra)
  • Single Unique Execution (Note Block)

The first five options listed above can be either selected normally or "inversely", so they can either check if a player is doing or not doing something. If you want a player that does not have full health to execute the Action Block, you would right-click the redstone item to activate the flag inversely. Similarly, if you want a player that is gliding to be able to activate the Action Block, you would left-click the elytra to activate the flag normally.
The "Single Unique Execution" allows only one player to activate the Action Block at one time.

By default, there are no User Flags set.

There are certain limitations to Action Blocks, however, other than the advanced options. The spoiler below tells you these limitations.
  • Members with no rank only have access to 14 actions instead of 21. (Plot admins who have a rank that they donated for can't get around this as this permission revolves around the plot owner.
  • Members of any rank only can place a certain amount of Action Blocks (list coming soon)
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