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MC_LogicFTW (Ian)

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Jul 16, 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
As most public Minecraft servers do, Exfusion has ranks for staff, donators, and more. This thread was made to inform you of the ranks that are on Exfusion, and (for what is allowed) show the permissions for the ranks.
** Just a quick side note, if you do wish to have the permissions for the ranks that are shown, please consider donating to Exfusion here as purchasing a rank lets us host the server and maybe reach our end goal of re-opening some of our previous minigames that we had on Exfusion!

Minecraft Server Features
  • /craft - Opens a crafting table anywhere!
  • /inspiration - Gives you a random theme on things to build on your plot!
  • /renameitem - Renames a held item without the use of an anvil. Includes support for color codes!
  • /skull - Gives you the skull of any player you so choose!
  • Ability to place 10 holograms and access to the hologram manager!
  • Ability to place 20 Action Blocks! (Defaults can place 3)
  • Opens up the third row of 7 actions in Action Blocks
  • Ability to give 15 different players plot roles (Guest, Trusted, Builder, Admin). (Defaults can give 5 players roles)
  • You get a pretty light blue "Pro" tag and name in chat
Discord Server Features
  • Emoji Reactions
  • Create party voice channels with /party discord
  • Access to the special #donator-club channel on Discord. A special channel for all members with the ranks Pro and above to discuss features that are in development and whatever you want (as long as it's family friendly!)
Additional Minecraft Server/Discord Server Features
  • /hat - Equips the item that you're holding on your player's helmet slot!
  • Ability to create plot announcements!
  • Ability to place 20 holograms (Pro can place 10)
  • Ability to place 40 Action Blocks! (Pros can place 20)
  • Ability to give 30 players plot roles! (Pros can give 15 different players plot roles)
  • Pretty light green "Elite" tag and name in chat.
  • Ability to create and restore backups of your plot at any time (Coming Soon!)
  • Every other feature Pro has (except for the Pro tag of course!)

Additional Minecraft Server Features
  • Ability to place 65 Action Blocks! (Elite can place 40, Pro can place 20, Default can place 3)
  • Ability to place 30 holograms! (Elite can place 20, Pro can place 10)
  • Ability to give 60 different players plot roles! (Elite can give 30 plot roles, Pro can give 15 plot roles, defaults can give 5)
  • Ability to download your plot as a schematic (Coming Soon!)
  • Pretty dark green "Ultra" tag and name in chat.
  • Every other feature Elite and Pro ranks have!
Additional Discord Server Features
  • Ability to play music or videos in party voice channels with a party bot! (Songs are put in queue by the server owner in the Minecraft server)

Other Ranks:
Other than donation ranks, Exfusion has two other ranks to offer, builder and vip
  • Builder is given to people who build minigame maps for Exfusion, but since there are no minigames on the server at the moment, this rank isn't given (but if enough people donate and the server gets enough money, then maybe this rank could be given again).
  • VIP is Exfusion's equivalent to a YouTuber/Livestreamer rank. More information regarding this rank and how to get it will be released at a later date.
Staff Ranks:
Exfusion has 5 staff ranks, and these are the staff ranks in terms of staff hierarchy:
  • helper
  • trial_moderator
  • moderator
  • admin
  • owner
Hopefully this post gave you some information about the ranks on the Exfusion server. Now what are you doin' still reading this post? Go play on Exfusion!
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