The Exfusion Server: A bit of perspective

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Server Owner & Developer
Jun 23, 2016
Many of you know that Exfusion has been in development for a while, several years in fact. A lot of this has been learning from previous experiences, rewriting a lot of the server as we learn of new, faster and more effective ways of running the server. It's been a learning curve for us, but because of that we feel that the server is in a better state than it ever was before.

I'm making this thread to show you a bit of insight into the plugins we run on the server. Obviously, this excludes all of the web work as well, Edan may or may not make a similar thread to this if he wants to show some of this detail.

At the moment, there are a total of 11 custom plugins in operation in the server, these are:
  • our backend Bukkit API - this powers the backend of all of the servers on the network, powering all things database related, the chat and many other secret things.
  • our Bungee plugin - this runs in the background of the network and handles global things such as the friends system, punishments and lots of admin things.
  • the Creative plugin - this is our biggest plugin on the whole of the network. Firstly, it replaces traditional creative plot plugins such as PlotMe or PlotSquared to handle plot assignation. On top of this, the plugin also handles the immense plot configuration options available, such as plot messages, plot weather controls, plot announcements, hologram managers and the parkour system. The plugin also includes non-plot related systems such as microblocks, command such as /i, the teleporting system and 'hidden blocks' system (for certain custom blocks and blocks not shown in the vanilla creative inventory). And it's not even finished yet, there's still a lot more planned!
  • the Hub plugin - this handles basically everything related to the hub, such as the whole game selector, the profile menu, cosmetics, the parkour system and the NPCs. Again, there are still many features planned.
  • the Prison plugin - surprisingly, this only took around 2 days to develop. It handles things such as ranking up, the mines, money boosters and plot shops. We also run the PlotSquared plugin, which is the only fully frontend non-custom plugin on the network. This is simply due to time constraints, however in the future we may choose to move to a system similar to that of the creative server, however with increased limitations.
  • the SkyWars plugin - this is our oldest minigame on the network. Because of that, it's been running some really legacy code for a while, despite being totally rewritten a while ago. It is again currently under a complete refactor and major game update, however this will bring it up to date with our current API, meaning that future updates shouldn't be anywhere as big.
  • the Golem Strike plugin - this is our third oldest minigame, as well as being one of our most popular, undergoing a name change and 2 massive overhauls since its initial launch.
  • the Paint Warfare plugin - this is one of our more recent games (despite in actuality being just over a year old), and arguably one of the most fun on the network at the moment (despite resource pack problems #blamemojang)
  • the Twisted Spleef plugin - one of our more fast paced games, and the first game to use the levelling system being introduced across all games to reward loyal players.
  • the Quiz Masters plugin - from this date the most recent game on the network, a fun, challenging and again fast paced. The game itself isn't that huge (in terms of code), however there are hundreds, if not thousands of questions stored in our database to ensure you don't get repeated questions (and questions take a lot of time to think of and write :frowning: )
  • the Build Server plugin - probably our least known about plugin, this is basically to ensure that map builders can easily build and export their maps for use on minigames across the network.
As well as this, there are also tens of other plugins and apps which have been worked on in the past relating to the network, such as MutationPvP, SkySprint, a Dropper plugin, a SkyBlock plugin, our old APIs and internal monitoring apps.

Being the only Java developer working on the server, yes, it is quite hard work. If you see limited progress on a certain game or server from time to time, please appreciate that I'm probably working on another, more important feature (a lot of these you can't even see as a regular player, such as recently a completely new staff system), or the feature you're waiting for is just taking a while to complete. As a bit of perspective, the creative plugin contains 7,120 lines of code (at time of writing), and it's not even complete yet.

Even if it looks like I'm just playing a game a lot of the time these games are to monitor for certain events such as the anticheat system falsely flagging hacks or spectating systems not working correctly. A lot of the time, even when I'm not playing, I monitor the consoles for games just to make sure there are no stack traces (errors), and try to fix them on the fly.

I know quite a few features are broken at the moment whilst the server is temporarily out of maintenance, I've addressed most of these issues, most of these were caused by limiting testing and taking the server out of maintenance has really helped with testing and fixing these bugs (thanks for reporting them :smile: ). To report a bug, if it's really serious, then private message me, otherwise make a forum post or send a message in the Discord chat (plz).

This is more of a serious post than usual, just to make you aware of the scale of workload that me, Edan and the whole staff team have to face. The staff team have helped us immensely, and people like @MC_LogicFTW (Ian) have helped us to make the server what it is today.


May 21, 2016
United Kingdom
It's honestly been an absolute pleasure working on these projects with you. I hope that this eventually gets somewhere because we've each put a lot into it and it'd be a shame for it to go to waste.

Let's hope people start donating and that the server can live on!